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Info for E.L.I.A.

Global Migration Assistance

1060 Hay Street
Perth, WA, AUSTRALIA, zip:6061
+6 (140) 027-5321

Business, Products or Services Description
Global Migration Assistance Daniela Ion: MARN: 1792307 MARA Code of Conduct: We provide you professional and up-to-date immigration advice, and guidance on your possibilities to enter Australia,based on your individual circumstances. Australian migration laws constantly change and are very complex. It can be an exhausting and expensive experience if you apply for the incorrect visa. Each visa has different processing times and different requirements to be satisfied.
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Why european

Owner comes from Europe

Employees are speaking European languages

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Message for clients
Why  do  you  choose  us?
• Your  first  30  minute  consultation  is  free;
• We    discuss  the  best  options  for  your  circumstances;
• We  have  access  to  the  resources  provided  by  the  peak  professional  body  (Migration  Institute  of  Australia);
• We  provide  you  with  professional  advice  and  friendly  service;
• We  can  assist  you  in  Romanian  and/or  English.
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1060 Hay Street, Perth, WA, AUSTRALIA
Zip: 6061,
Phone: 61400275321,
Fax: 61894800475,
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Yes we are open 24h

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WA, AUSTRALIA Perth 1060 Hay Street Level 3