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Plans & Pricing

Buy with confidence. 30-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason. See below.

  • VIP
  • Position for Advertising Banner
    1 Advertising Banner at the right side of our website
    1 Advertising Banner at the bottom of our website
  •    Unique Business URL
  •    Business Info (logo, address, phone, maps, etc)
  •    2500 characters Business Description
  •    2500 characters Products/Services Description
  •     2500 characters Personalized Message for Clients
  •    10 Business Locations
  •    25 Attachment Files (jpg, png, pdf)
  •    25 Logo attachment files in Portofolio of clients
  •    25 employees' Business Card
  •    UNLIMITED Product/Service Coupons
  •    UNLIMITED Postings
  •    5 Hot Deal Postings
  •    10 Video Links
  • 〖〗 Success story (pdf, video)
  •        Link your social network
  •        Share your listing with others
  •        Upgrade & Cancel   info & plan
  •        Auto-payment
  • $ 299 /month
    Monthly Payment
    or OFFER $1/month for 1 month
  • $ 250 /month
    6 Months Payment
    or OFFER $1/month for 6 month
  • $ 180 /month 
    12 Months Payment  

    or OFFER $1/month FOREVER
    for first 500 clients
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All prices are subject of changing.

VERY IMPORTANT ! - When you paid a regular plan, you can keep all advantage lifetime, even if that plan price will increase later for other clients.
Register your business NOW. The sooner, the better.


  • When I could cancel my subscription?
  • 30-days money back guarantee, no matter the reason. After 30 days, you can cancel anytime with next payment. 
  • We provide the best services and your satisfaction is the most important for us, so BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.
  • Do you provide domain names?
  • We don’t provide domain names – you will have an
  • Do I need hosting?
  • No, you don’t need hosting. We provide everything for you, on our dedicated servers.