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Grand Opening Offers - while offers last 

For  P e r s o n a l   A c c o u n t 

FREE Unlimited  Postings  for  Everybody  until  December 31st, 2019

For  B u s i n e s s   A c c o u n t

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- Free 1 hour consulting business and advertising 
-  Free Registration for the 1000-300 Program - (they will receive a consultation on how to increase their business by 3 to 10 times in a years time, as mentioned in the company profile)
-  Free Creating and displaying advertisement banners for two months - ($500/ month =  a total value of $1,000)

Euro4USA  in  Partnership  with  NASUL TV (Godfather TV)
~ ~ ~

Offer  for  first  100  VIP  or  Customized  clients - when you purchase 
a 6 months subscription on Euro4USA  and are paying full price - at checkout use PROMO CODE :
Invitation  to  be  guest  speaker  on  the  Nasul TV 
or  submit  a  10-15 minute  recording  to  promote  your  Business 
(regardless of European origin - the programs can be subtitled in English)
It is important to keep in your mind that when promoting your business, it can be seen around the globe since NASUL TV has a total of 15 million followers.
First 100 clients are eligible to be invited as a guest speaker on the Nasul TV
to promote their Business (regardless of European origin - the programs can be subtitled).
If  the clients cannot physically partake in the live show, they can submit 
a 10-15 minute recording to promote their business and it will be broadcasted with the Nasul TV logo.

Could be on Nasul TV, Nasul TV Canada or Nasul TV USA .

Offer  for  first  50  VIP  or  Customized  clients - when you purchase
a 6 months subscription on Euro4USA and are paying full price - at checkout use PROMO CODE :  

 Promotional  BEST Offer : 

for only  
$20  you can buy  20-30 seconds/spot worth of
advertising on Nasul TV (
Godfather TV)
with a minimum purchase of $2,000 (minim 100 spots). 
The advertisement will broadcast across a 2-4 month period, 
depending on how long the client wishes to advertise for.

Could be on Nasul TV, Nasul TV Canada or Nasul TV USA